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Worst Blogging Mistakes That You Often Make

                     A Few Words On  Blogging Mistakes

Blogging can be a hard and a confusing thing to do when you are new to it. Whenever a new person comes to this platform he/she gets a slap of reality. All that FAQ starts popping in his mind. But there are some quick answers to these questions.

There are some common mistakes that new bloggers often make while blogging. For them I’m giving it as a small guidance for creating a better blog.

In this article I’m going to mention some mistakes that bloggers often make and also going to tell you about how to overcome them at the same time. 

If you find the mistakes included below then you should correct your mistakes right away, cause that would be a big step for you to building a superior blog. So let’s start now.

  Irregularity In blogging :

If you are a new blogger and you wanna get successful then it is the first roadblock toward your success.

You have to be punctual in blogging. It will open many doors for you to reach your goal which is success.

By punctual I mean you should post at least 2-3 articles per week to keep your readers updated. If you stay away from blogging a lot of time then the same home page will bore the visitors and ultimately drive them to some other place instead of your blog.

So, you should be a little promising about blogging, or else you will lose your reader’s trust and blog traffic too which are the main element of a successful blog.

No SEO Knowledge :

It can be one of the toughest place to be for a new blogger. SEO is not a hard or easy thing to do. There are many ways of doing it. Do describe what SEO is I’ll write only 3-4 lines about it.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. That means a process that is used to make your articles or posts appear into search engine results before others. I know it still might be very confusing for you but don’t worry too much. You would learn it eventually if you continue your blogging.

Now let me give you some quick tips for your search engine optimization.

Spread your keyword. Put one in post title, one in post body one in meta tag        and also in  your post description

Speed up your blogs loading time. If you want me to write some tips about speed loading your blog, then just leave a comment below, I’ll give you some important tips.
  Optimize your  pictures before uploading them to your blog. To optimize them upload them in jpg format.
Get in touch with other bloggers and share thoughts. That would increase your SEO knowledge a lot.

Start guest blogging and blog commenting. It would increase your backlinks.

Using way many ads :

Yes, it’s important for you to put ads on your blog to start earning from it. But it also has some rules. Giving too many ads just after creating your new blog is not a good choice.

Remember that, people would come back to your blog because of your contents not your ads. And putting too many ads can become a problem for you if you are not good in SEO. Why? Cause it takes time to load the ads which make it embarrassing for visitors.

Another reason for not using too many ads is, it can decrease your earnings. How?

Nowadays many people use adblock to block away their unwanted ads. If any visitor likes your blogs for your writings then and not for a your ads he might use adblock on your site, which is not an unusual thing. But it could be a very bad news for you.

Using too many widgets :

Nowadays, people use many type of widgets to design their site.

Some widgets often attract new bloggers to ruin their blog. e.g. world clock, IP locator or a world map. These things are not something that you need to make your blog successful.

Instead of wasting your time on playing with widgets, contribute time in writing good articles. And widgets are also harmful for your blog's loading time. So, design your blog smartly.

Hit the publish method :

Blogging Mistakes

Many people firstly make a mistake that they write blog posts and publish it right away. That’s not the right thing to do at all.

You always have to  revise your posts again and again. While you do, you will realize that you have made many mistakes.

Rewrite the lines that you think do not suit at the place or erase something additional which is not needed to make your points clear.

Too short time for revision:

If you have read the last point, you will see that both are related. By reading the point above you might think that revising the post for 10 minutes is enough to make it great .

Not really.

When you write something, your mind will sure tell you that it’s ok and ready for publishing.

Don’t revise at one time only. After fixing some mistakes take a break. Come back after an hour or two. It will help you to find your problems more accurately.

It’s usually good to leave the post in draft for a few days and correct it at many times.

Try it, it really works good for me.

Copy pasting or circling contents

Contents are asset of their writers. It’s chained within copyright law and a punishable crime.

Copy pasting is the worst mistake that a blogger makes. Let’s not waste any time on this and just say that, it’s forbidden in the language of blog success.

Are you wondering what circling contents mean?

It means to create a post out of another post without using your own thoughts and knowledge.

Suppose someone has written a quality content and you have written the same thing by just replacing some words and adding some extra lines.

You won’t get much progression from this kind of things and people will also not like it.
Don’t’ think that you can fool people. They are very intelligent. You might lower your respect to your followers cause it’ a cheap way of writing a content.

I thought that these were some places where new bloggers could go wrong, hope you liked it.



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