Sunday, 29 March 2015

How Often Should You Post A Post On Your Blog?

Blogs are constructed with posts right? Exactly, it' the life of any website on the web. But it's a worthy question to ask that how often should I write an article for my blog.

In today's article I'm going to discuss a little about this.

Every blogger's consequences are not the same. Many have blogged for  1 year, 6 months and some have just started. Some are quite famous and some don't get even one visitor a day. So, it's obvious that they should follow different rules, or should I say strategies.

So, what should new bloggers do?

New bloggers should blog regularly, write contents everyday. It will increase their chances of getting renowned. The main reason of writing articles regularly is to attract the ultimate search engine, GOOGLE.

If you just started a new blog, there is no reason to expect that, people will value you without any uniqueness.

You must have some posts to show people that you're better than others. So, if you are a new blogger then generate some posts everyday. 2-3 is a good number, when you start generating that much contents everyday, the google crawlers would start visiting your site. If you can create a good impression they will advance your site on their search result. Hence, many visitors will come to your site.

What Should Others Do?

If you're not one of the newbie bloggers and get a little or more traffic everyday, then you should worry less about making contents.

You should focus on quality not quantity. 2-3 posts are good for a week. Even one high quality post per week would be enough to keep your readers satisfied.

Writing too much would give your readers much more to digest which is NOT good.

I realized it when I had subscribed for daily newsletters at lifehack. I hadn't check my mail for some days and after when I did I saw a big pile of mails, which I ultimately deleted.

So, if you don't want your posts to be avoided by your readers just focus on your quality. Besides respond to requests that readers make, answer their comments to keep them in touch with you and your blog.

Now it's time for you to follow these stuff, realize the situation you are in and select the correct method. Let me know how it went for you.

If you have any opinion, just drop a comment below.


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