Tuesday, 24 March 2015

5 Unnecessary Things That Bloggers Waste Time On

It takes lots of time to organize a blog. All that writing part, info collecting and revising takes a big share from your leisure and life.

Is that so hard?

Yes, if you’re still young. Cause young people have lots more to do while they have the same amount of time as elder people do.

Today I’m gonna tell you about some immense time-wasting source for young bloggers. Hope that you
will be able to manage your time reasonably. Let’s begin then.

Using Social Sites Excessively

One of the most unnecessary places to spend time on is spending it on social sites.  Facebook, twitter, Skype and lots like that take your time away from you. Many young blogger gets addicted and keeps failing to focus on his blog.

I’m not saying that being on social sites is a bad thing to do, but everything has a limitation.

You might have opened your home page and checked the notifications and then left it on a tab and went to focus on your blog. But it doesn’t work for all.

What I recommend is, close the tab, clean history and then concentrate on blogging.

You ask why?

I think you will be able to answer that better than me.

So, let’s not waste more time on this and move on to the next.

Nagging about Design 

Some people just need a reason to waste their time. For them, wasting time on finding a template or theme is ideal.

Blogging takes a lot of time, specially the writing part, so it's not acceptable for a good blogger to just keep hankering after nice templates or themes.

Some just do it and don’t realize that time matters a lot.

Let me also tell you, even a little planned blog can be attractive for its’ unique writings and services.

So, if you waste your time on this then stop now. Grab a simple designed theme and get blogging.


Gossiping can be an attractive way of having fun but ultimately it takes you to nowhere.

So, if you think that gossiping is taking away your time then lessen or stop it.

It will help you find lots of spare time.

Working Late Night

Night can be an attractive time to be online and work for your blog. But it's going to waste your time much more than it's gonna give you.

I personally recommend you not to work late night  even for blogging or for tumblr.

You might sleep pass half of the next day and it will make you feel drowsy all day.


Whether a blogger is facing professional problems or personal problems, worrying can be an outcome. Worrying too much will make your life shorter as well.

Moreover, it is not a solution to anything. Try solving your problems by start working.

If you can get over worrying, you will see changes in your life in short time.

Wasting time as a blogger is not an option, so get over it. Start making new habits that will save your time and remove those which you think take away your valuable time.

So, these were some sources where bloggers usually waste their time. I hope that you guys found it helpful.

If you have any question or opinion related to this topic, then don't hesitate to ask.


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